PA Sound Hire

Media Factory Sound Services.

We can provide sound services for Conferences, Corporate Promotions, Product Launches, Fashion Shows, Weddings and many other types of live events.
A typical P.A package suited to small to medium sized events (pub quizzes, conferences up to 120 people and 1 or 2 man bands) might include:

A. 600 watt PA system including Mixing Desk
B. 2 Speakers including stands
C. 1 Podium Microphone
C. 2 Wireless Handheld Microphones
D. All cables including for Laptop Audio
E. Delivery, Set Up and Collection included.


Call 086 8873403 for quote.

Mainly Leinster area covered.



Handheld Wireless Mics
Wireless-Handheld-MicWireless handheld mics are very versatile. They can be place on a mic stand or handheld for greater mobility. We only use professional condenser Microphones for optimal sound quality. Our mic’s can utilize switchable frequencies and are duel antenna receivers offer a wireless experience that’s free from distortion.

Lapel Wireless Mics
Lapel Mics or Clip-On Mics are subtle in appearance and allow a speaker to utilize both hands while presenting. Lapel Mics are excellent for T.V environments, but can be prone to feedback in a live amplification setting, particularly in small spaces due to the wide pickup nature of the mic.

Headset Wireless Mics
Headsets Mics are excellent in a live situation when a presenter needs to move around and utilize both hands. The close proximity of the mic to the speaker’s mouth minimises feedback in a live amplification environment and the wireless functionality offers maximum hands-free mobility.

Podium Mics
Podium Mics or fixed instillation mics, offer excellent sound reproduction as they generally utilize 48 volts of phantom power via cable to charge a sound condenser plate. Due to their fixed position nature once they are tuned they rarely create feedback problems.